Summer Manifesto: Your Guide to the Weekend

So you already got the shorts (or planning to get them, of course) but still need some good old swag to finish the look. We’ve got you covered. Say we are your weekend caretakers. Take a look at these fine few items we carefully selected to help you out. James bond would approve.

  1. Some good lookin’ pair of sunglasses:
Stay shady” or so say the good people of Mr.Boho. This brand has been making some noise all across Spain and Europe. Seems everyone from influential social media accounts to actors and even members of the Royal Court hold a sweet spot for these shades. No mystery here, they’re plain awesome. Founded by the same principals of CAPITÁN, making a high quality product at a more reasonable price, paid off for these fellows!

The crew suggestion: The Cheetah Jordaan style with dark green lenses
  1. A good read for the summer:
We’re all about hanging out during the weekends but gotta have some QT for yourself and take your mind off things. We suggest you check out one of the top reads for this summer, Disclaimer by Renee Knight. Don’t take our word for it, GQ Magazine agrees as well, making it one of their must reeds for this summer.
 The crew suggestion: Read it! Don’t wait for the movie to come out.
  1. A backpack for any occasion:
Sometimes you want to take a weekend getaway; sometimes you just plain want to chill a friend’s pool-BBQ. Whatever the occasion it’s always good to have a backpack to put in your valuables. That’s where Herschel Supply Co. comes in. No way you are going to store your things in a zip lock any more or a grocery bag. C’mon you’re a Captain now.
 The crew suggestion: Navy blue Little America Backpack
  1. Grab a drink:
Wanna feel fresh AF this summer? Thought so.
When it comes to days like these, there is no other way to go than a good old Gin & Tonic. Our gin of preference, you ask? Monkey 47. The recipe contains 47 different herbs so you can imagine how this results in an explosion of flavors in your Copa. Not convinced only by how awesome the bottle looks? Think again, this bad boy rated top of the charts of gins this year and it will not disappoint.
The crew suggestion: Combine Monkey 47 gin with Schweppes tonic, add dried lavender and lime peal for garnish. Easy on the tonic.
  1. Style up for the weekend 
Last but definitely not least. You can’t, won’t, impossible to go wrong with this sweet CAPITAN combination. Now we have our classy polos to match your already awesomely tailored swim shorts.
 The crew suggestion: Our Whiteout polo with The Yellowsubmarine to give that pop of color to that will make heads turn…guaranteed.
Classy doesn’t begin to describe how awesome you will be after these great suggestions. Have a good one. 
The weekend awaits!
-The crew

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