Summer Manifesto: The "where to" guide for this season

Days are getting warmer, workloads are stacking up and the boss is more annoying than ever… all valid reasons to vacay. The CAPITÁN crew has been closely looking for the best-hidden hotspots for this summer. So get that sunscreen and start planning.

Its safe to say that it’s not only what to wear, but where you wear it, so here are our top 5 spots to style your CAPITÁN swim shorts this summer:

#5 Little Bay, (Anguilla)

Emphasis on the little, this particular gem is probably the tiniest beach anyone from the Capitán Crew has visited. But it was worth every second of it. Definitely a spot to take your better half and spend some quality time. Make sure to bring everything you need cause there is nothing there but nature itself. The way to get in and out is by a short $15 boat ride from Crocus Bay, Jet Ski for the more adrenaline seekers or kayak for the ones who want to brag about working out during vacation.

#4 Con Dao Islands, (Vietnam)

Seems like South East Asia is pretty popular these days, with those awesome hotel rates and deliciously cheap street food. But some travelers seem to focus on the same beaches that tend to get crowded and not-at-all as in your Google search-image page where they look secluded and inviting AF.

This is not the case for The Con Dao Islands in Vietnam. It is safe to say that these islands are one of the main attractions of this awesome country. The archipelago consists of 16 small islands filled with high end to mainstream resort and secluded lagoons. And just for the sake of history, in the good old days these islands served as prison for political prisoners during the French colonial era, not to shabby for prison I have to say.

#3 Flamingo Beach (Aruba)

Going to the beach takes a new meaning when going to Flamingo Beach where your companions for the day are real life flamingos who can mingle with you in real time, hence the name. This beach is a privately owned island of the Renaissance Aruba resort. The hotel offers free boat rides to the island and they have food available for purchase. You can’t beat hanging out with flamingos in their habitat while at vacations, so look no further!

#2 Blue Beach (Vieques, Puerto Rico)

Since we are revealing the best-hidden spots for summer, we couldn’t leave out Blue Beach in Vieques, Puerto Rico. You may not know that Puerto Rico itself is part of an archipelago and Vieques is one of them proudly owning one of the best and most secluded beaches of the Caribbean. Located in the south part of the island, this beach is in the National Wildlife Refuge area. To get there we recommend a Jeep rental and some good music for the ride. You won’t find anything but white sand and long stretches of clear water, so pack your food and chairs for your day at the beach. When you’re there, be sure to relax and take it all in to brag about it to your co-workers the upcoming week.

#1 Playa Illetes (Formentera, Spain)

Once you’re able to let go Ibiza as your top beach place in Spain, you will notice that Formentera is by far the hidden gem of the Balearic Islands. And even if you can’t let Ibiza go, you can still stretch out a day trip from Ibiza to Formentera. Easy as pie! That said, Playa Illetes has our #1 spot of best beach for this summer just because how awesome it is. It’s like being in the Caribbean but you’re in the Mediterranean, can’t get more legit than that. Crystal clear waters and white sand beaches its what’s up. Just trust us, go there, pick a spot, and chill. You’ll thank us later.


Top jams in our summer playlist

Out of My League -Fitz and The Tantrums
Chasing Clouds - Mowe
Gold Rays – Vinyl Pinups
Lush Life - Zara Larsson
Long Weekend - Cris Cab
Thunder Clatter - Wild Cub 



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