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Summer Manifesto: Your Guide to the Weekend

So you already got the shorts (or planning to get them, of course) but still need some good old swag to finish the look. We’ve got you covered. Say we are your weekend caretakers. Take a look at these fine few items we carefully selected to help you out. James bond would approve. Some good lookin’ pair of sunglasses: “Stay shady” or so say the good people of Mr.Boho. This brand has been making some noise all across Spain and Europe. Seems everyone from influential social media accounts to actors and even members of the Royal Court hold a sweet spot for these shades. No mystery here, they’re plain awesome. Founded by the same principals of CAPITÁN, making a high...

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Summer Manifesto: The "where to" guide for this season

Days are getting warmer, workloads are stacking up and the boss is more annoying than ever… all valid reasons to vacay. The CAPITÁN crew has been closely looking for the best-hidden hotspots for this summer. So get that sunscreen and start planning. Its safe to say that it’s not only what to wear, but where you wear it, so here are our top 5 spots to style your CAPITÁN swim shorts this summer: #5 Little Bay, (Anguilla) Emphasis on the little, this particular gem is probably the tiniest beach anyone from the Capitán Crew has visited. But it was worth every second of it. Definitely a spot to take your better half and spend some quality time. Make sure to...

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